Ceradan Moisturising Body Wash 280ml

Ceradan Moisturising Wash is a lathering, non-soap wash that is enriched with ceramide-dominant 3:1:1 essential skin lipids ratio to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier.

Clinically proven to alleviate itchiness and dryness by members from the Singapore General Hospital or with a medical background, it is certified by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and National Skin Centre Singapore.


Skincare Benefits and Product Facts:

  • Suitable for all ages with eczema-prone, dry and sensitive skin, from newborn 0 months onwards to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers
  • Contains ceramide, an essential lipid in the skin barrier, which ensures that the skin does not feel tight or dry after wash
  • Free from ingredients which are harmful to dry, itchy skin, e.g. soap, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), paraben, fragrance, and colourants
  • Suitable for bath or shower
  • May be used on all parts of the body, including the face
  • Adjusted to skin's pH


For Optimal Results:

Use along with Ceradan Skin Barrier Repair Cream or Ceradan Hydra Hydrating Moisturiser after shower to rebuild skin barrier function


Product of Origin:

Made in Singapore