Certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach Natalie moved to Hong Kong about 8 years ago. The half Thai, half Swedish beauty came to the city on a modeling contract, loved it and stayed even though being an adventures traveller she felt the need to settled down. The fast-paced, energetic and exciting city kept Natalie busy 24-7! To recharge and focus she turned to yoga and meditation to create a balance from her busy work schedule.  


Natalie found yoga and meditation to be the perfect escape and to help her relax from her hectic modeling shoots. She believes that taking care of her mental and physical well being is an investment. “As a model you represent various brands and women overall. It is important that I also represent myself through my work, meditating and yoga allows me to become the best version of myself that I can be”.

The start of her health journey came first with her studies in holistic health from the Institute of integrative Nutrition. “I was getting high on green juices, workouts and my new lifestyle left me so energized and alive I wanted to share it with everyone! I never felt so good and it wasn’t until my lifestyle change I realized I wasn’t feeling good before.”

Natalie believes that "becoming a health coach has truly changed my life and my mindset of the way I want to live”.

Her yoga journey differs from many other you hear, it definitely wasn’t love at first class! She tried different styles of yoga and various teachers, but it wasn’t until she took her first hot yoga class she got addicted. From then on she decided to commit to her practice and later on to take her first teacher training. As a qualified instructor Natalie offers various classes teaching students different methods of zen and relaxation through yoga. Being a well known teacher in Hong Kong for her calming voice and contagious positive spirit she’s often asked to teach for yoga festivals and events around town.
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Balancing her personal life with her professional, Natalie makes frequent trips to her home country Sweden. It’s the perfect opportunity to visit her family and get the chance to stop over somewhere else in Europe keeping her traveling spirit alive. She’s a keen traveller with a curious personality who simply can’t get enough of exploring new places, Bali being one of her all time favorite destinations. Relaxing yoga vibes, nibbling on exotic fresh fruits and that’s exactly where her journey of becoming a yoga instructor began. 

Living an active lifestyle, always on-the-go between teaching classes Natalie likes to have her skin bare from make up as much possible also allowing her skin to rest between shoots where makeup tend to be heavy which can also leave the skin feeling dry. Traveling as much as she does also pulls its toll on the skin and hydration is key. 


Photo Credit: @Natalie.Soderstrom



Practicing yoga in beautiful outdoor settings has lead to Natalie’s skin showing signs of sun damage and dryness. Excessive exposure to sunlight can also lead to early aging, wrinkles, and loosening of the skin. Natalie wanted to treat her skin but didn’t want to undergo invasive painful treatments. Modeling also requires her skin to be in the best shape all the time ready for shoots. Therefore she turned to the CLINIC. 

Photo Credit: @Natalie.Soderstrom



During the complimentary consultation at the CLINIC, Natalie discussed her skin concerns with our experts who then recommended a tailor made package consisting of 2 non-invasive treatments; HydraFacial and HIFU

HydraFacial is a multi-step skin rejuvenating treatment which combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection resulting in clear smooth tighter skin without discomfort or redness. HydraFacial repairs cell damage caused by sunlight and provides immediate results.

HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. A skin tightening treatment which stimulates collagen production via ultrasound energy that penetrates deeply into the skin at temperatures higher than radio frequency, whilst protecting the skin at the same time. HIFU a safe and comfortable procedure that minimises large pores, uneven skin tone and tightens loose skin providing depth and definition to your features.


How HydraFacial Works

HydraFacial Process The CLINIC

The HydraFacial MD hydro peal tip has unique spiral design which provides non-invasive skin resurfacing. Temporarily opens pores, cleanses, exfoliates and extracts the impurities without damaging the skin. Throughout this process special skin serums are delivered leaving the skin hydrated and firmer. The HydraFacial is a non-invasive multistep treatment that  soothes, moisturises, rejuvenates and brightens the skin providing overall immediate visible improvements. 

Special skin serums used in HydraFacial are; active-4 serum, beta-HD, antiox-6 and TNS serum. Activ-4 serum removes dead skin cells revealing healthy skin. Beta-HD de-clog pores by softening sebum and remove impurities, via painless extraction process with aid of gentle suction. Antiox-6 is a deeply moisturizing hyaluronic acid with detoxifying antioxidants such as Vitamin A, E, white tea extract, and rosemary extract. Thus, replenishes skins natural elasticity and hydration. TNS Serum is an anti-aging serum that reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improves skin tone and texture.


How HIFU Works

HIFU Machine


The CLINIC’s skin tightening HIFU treatment penetrates deep into the skin causing thermal coagulation to SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System). The target tissue cells are then heated to -65* which promotes healing. Such deep penetration was previously only possible through surgery however it can now be done non-invasively by HIFU.

HIFU Science, How HIFU works

The ultrasound energy stimulates fresh natural collagen production without damaging skin cells. Thus, provides a youthful plumed appearance and helps regain skin elasticity resulting in reduction of wrinkles. 90-180 days post the treatment stimulates long-term tissues which further tighten the skin and reduce dark eye circles. Therefore, more predominant results appear after a few months. Each HIFU treatment session takes approximately 45-60 minutes.


"The CLINIC's HydraFacial is a must try, it combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of dirt, hydration and antioxidants protection! Leaving my skin glowing with no downtime, total winning" - Natalie Söderström. 


To book your complimentary consultation with our experts, please contact the CLINIC today by calling: +852 2538 8868 or email: booking@theclinic.com.hk
*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.
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