dermaviduals® D-Panthenol 20ml

Skincare Benefits and Product Facts:

The active ingredient pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) concentrate increases and regulates skin hydration by penetrating the horny layer and improving its hydration capacity.

  • Supports the skin regeneration, cell formation, and repairs skin damage and dehydration caused by external stimuli (e.g. AHA, laser, IPL, or UV rays) when panthenol is transformed to pantothenoic acid (constituent of coenzyme A).
  • Coenzyme effectively metabolizes the excess oil in cells and reduces its transfer to the sebaceous gland, therby minimizes large pores, preventing blackheads and acne for oily skin.

Directions of Use:

Apply sparingly with other serums and massage until absorption to soothe irritated and cracked skin and for after-care of laser treatments. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


5% panthenol (pro-vitamin B5)

Country of Origin:

Made in Germany