the CLINIC proudly sponsors: "Uplive Gala 2017 - Hong Kong"

"Uplive Gala 2017 - Hong Kong", sponsored by the CLINIC has been successfully concluded!

The rise of popular hosts ever through global live broadcast 

Founded just in the last year, Uplive, the Asia popular broadcast platform had just held the annual "Uplive Gala 2017 - Hong Kong" to announce their financial results for the year 2017. " Having such grand event, the CLINIC has not only been the sole sponsor of the gala, but the founders of the CLINIC were also present to show support.

"This year, Uplive already has more than 50 million users and hosts up to 100,000 people, with an annual income approximates HK$ 100 million. The result is satisfactory. And we target listing in Hong Kong or the United States within two years." Andy Tian, the founder and chief executive of Asia innovation group (AIG), the parent company of Uplive said.

Launched just a year ago, good hosts are the key for the impressive results of Uplive. The gala had awarded 18 annual awards in total, including "the popular host", "the competitive host", "the talented host,", "the charming host", "the sweet host", and "the best host" to commend Hong Kong hosts. One of the hosts, Miyo, who started her career as a model had been awarded with "the sweet host" and the second runner-up for "the best host" at the same time, with awards valued HK$30,000 and beauty treatment distributed by the CLINIC. "These awards are recognitions that further motivates me. " Miyo the winner of the night said.

During the gala, a bonus of HK$100,000 was also awarded with the best host of the year, Waiting, who also won the second place of "the charming host". Within a few months of joining Uplive, Waiting has already gained her popularity with more than 370,000 fans. "As a leading UGC (user-generated content) platform, the creativity and efforts of anchors are lifelines of Uplive. We are happy to work with the hosts and share the fruitful results. Uplive will continue to explore other countries' markets and develop a borderless system interface in the coming year. So that Uplive can go international, our hosts can interact with global users, and more international business opportunities will also be created." Andy said. 

Chain of events had brought an enjoyable atmosphere to the gala. Popular hosts, including Ophelia So, Lala, and Oxygen Tong had performed on stage with great talents. While Hong Kong idol groups like Otome LiLacle and the Kibin Group were also invited to perform and empowered the stage with joy and good vibes.

With dozens of Uplive hosts attended the gala, a special lucky draw was organised, to award the luckiest and the most favourable host with a "private island", a virtual gift worths for $3,300 ($30,000 U-tokens equivalent). It was eventually awarded to the popular female host, Christina Ting. "U-token in Uplive program is an important indicator of hosts' popularity. Just by looking into China market, hosts receive more than 300 million U-tokens each year, which are equivalent to HK$ 33 million. There aren't any regional restrictions for our platform, so I expect Hong Kong hosts to spend more effort to break the record." Andy added. 

To recruit potential hosts, Uplive has advertised in Mong Kok station and held scout activities, shedding more light to Uplive and hosts. Andy said Uplive has more than 100,000 hosts from more than 100 countries to overwhelm the globe. In the next stage, Uplive will further invest $370 million to advertise Uplive globally. "This year, our virtual currency GIFTO is now available in Hong Kong. Next year, our group 'Uplive Girls' is going to have their debut. Please stay tuned, our surprises await!" Andy added. 

About Uplive platform 

Being online on June 2016, Uplive has currently been the fastest-growing global broadcast platform. With more than 60,000 hosts from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the United States, the platform has been providing its users unprecedented experiences on live entertainment. In November 2016, Uplive has stepped into the Hong Kong market. To engage international users, a virtual reward system, the cross-platform usable token GIFTO, interactive games and instant translate system are developed to break language barriers and facilitate creativity.

About Asia Innovations Group Limited (AIG)

Asia Innovations Group Limited, established in 2013, is co-founded by Andy Tian, the former China general manager of Zynga, and Ouyang Yun, the former deputy general manager of Tencent's strategy department. AIG receives funding from the leading investment group such as Ventera, Block Asset, Kaipeng Huaying, HeYu Investment, Intime Capital, Index Ventures, WhiteStar Capital, as well as angel investors "WhereNet", Facebook, Google and Zynga. With the concept of innovation and connectivity, AIG is dedicated to developing online entertainment and open a new era of internet usage.

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