the CLINIC is one of the proud sponsors at fashion photographer Paul S.《Worth it Series 2》at SOHOFAMA 3rd Anniversary at the PMQ, Central. This is the second solo exhibition in partners with Selvedge Grooming and Sohofama. The event featured a new series of fashionable photos taken by Paul S, with the participation of Top Hong Kong Celebrity Models: Ana R, Angie Ng, Jessica C, Louise Wong, Natalie S, Rosemary V, Shiga Lin and Zelia Zhong. 

"I am a strong believer in giving back to the community and paying it forward. This exhibit is dedicated to the global Movember Campaign." Paul S. 
All the fund raised at the charity dinner are donation to the global Movember Campaign, raising concern on men’s health, especially prostate cancer which is the most commonly found cancer among men. 




About Paul S, Fashion Photographer

Paul S is a Canadian fashion photographer who is driven by imagination and the need to create. Since Paul started experimenting in fashion photography he has gathered a following for his style and characteristic eye. Originally from Toronto, Paul developed a fascination with cities. In his 20’s he decided to relocate to Hong Kong to find himself and to push his creative boundaries. Paul has worked closely with numerous celebrities, fashion brands and publications including Hashtag Legend, Elle, Hong Kong Tatler, Asia Spa, Tom Ford, Fendi and Dior.


About Movember

Founded in Australia, the Movember Foundation is one of the largest social campaign movements that aims at raising concern on men’s health, especially prostate cancer which is the most commonly found cancer among men. In 2003, foundation founders Travis Garone and Luke Slattery were looking for a way to bring back the long lost moustache. On one evening, they came up with the first Movember challenge, where they challenge people to charge 10 dollars to grow a MO. Now ranked 55 th in 500 top NGOs in the world, the moustache icon has then become the significant recognized sign of Movember.



SOHOFAMA is where urban farming meets comfort Chinese cuisine for the Hong Kong of today. SOHOFAMA’s goal in any of its projects is to raise awareness for healthier living through serving good, chemical-free food, including locally grown ingredients, which support the community, and organic ingredients, which support the body. Drawing on the Chinese tradition, we have created seasonal herbal soup selections, designed to suit a range of wellness needs of the urban dweller. Our menu is carefully balance to reflect both the old and the new with some dishes reflecting childhood favorites, while others celebrate the multiculturalism of today's HK society in dishes, and absolutely no MSG or chicken powder. Instead, we use freshly grown herbs for taste and slow cooked chicken broth to fully enhance flavors.

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