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The CLINIC's SOS Hydration is a luxurious “needle-free” facial that helps to brighten, firm skin, and deliver all-day hydration. In the treatment, we use natural ingredients, ABAS system and signature massage to strengthen the desired results. Pick one of the ingredients (Green Tea, Chamomile or Rose) for the custom-blended mask that matches with your skin preference, to help regenerate your skin and enhance the renewal of cells.



Relax and enjoy the 60 mins SOS Hydration Facial treatment to let your skin to be nourished instantly. the CLINIC adopts ABAS to enable the active ingredient to deliver hydration to the deep layers of the dermis. We work on firming and nourishing the skin using a combination of powerful Hydrolic acid, antioxidants, and a unique masque blends with natural ingredients that dramatically improves skin moisture. Results are immediate for creating a healthy luminescent skin at any age.
Meet the natural features of each of the ingredients we use: 
theCLINIC_SOS Hydration Facial Custom Blended Mask 

Solution for:

With hyaluronic acid combined with ABAS Cryo-Electroporation Transdermal Delivery System (TDS) , it helps to prevent and combat mild to moderate dehydration; restore skin radiance and smoothen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Dryness
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity


  • Our medical therapists will first examine your skin condition via a skin analysis.
  • Your skin will be cleansed, and a gentle scrub, our medical therapists will also help you remove any make up and impurities on your skin.
  • Applying ABAS to deliver hyaluronic acid to the deep layers of the dermis.
  • Soothed with Special signature massage and hydrated with a unique custom-blended mask. (Green Tea, Roses or Chamomile ). Your skin will be hydrated and rejuvenated.


SOS Hydration Facial delivers long-lasting results that is visible, this exceptional anti-aging treatment will visibly lift and correct any signs of aging, with continuous treatments, your skin will look tighter and firmer. 



  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Repair skin's traits
  • Moisture and replenish the skin
  • Deliver an extra helping of hydration while leaving the skin soft and supple. 

First-time customer: HK$988 (original price at HK$2,200)


    *Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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