HEALTH NOURISHMENT | Womb Revitalization Therapy


Venus Legacy™ combines VariPulse™ and 3D™ MP2 energy technology, allowing energy to penetrate deep into the skin. It increases blood flow, instantly relaxes blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, proliferates growth factors, strengthens the self-healing ability of tissues in the body; and stimulates the proliferation of capillaries, expands the blood vessel network, and relieves pain.

Venus Legacy


  • Using patented (MP)² technology, Venus Legacy uses multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields to bring a soothing and healing thermal matrix to the skin in order to stimulate a natural recovery response in the body.
  • The VariPulse TM pulsed mechanical vibration technology can also make the radio frequency energy penetrate deeper, up to 45mm under the skin of the body. 
  • This vertical vibration can also improve lymphatic circulation, promote drainage, fat discharge, and detoxification.

Venus Legacy Process


  • The 30-minute treatment begins by using the OctiPolar Applicator to stimulate 8 bladder meridian acupuncture points with vertical vibrations until the lower back feels warm.
  • By pressing the appropriate acupoints to clear the meridians, it improves muscle soreness caused by menstruation and relaxes tight muscles.
  • Then, roll over the lower abdomen to promote the circulation of blood and lymph in the abdomen and ease menstrual pain.
  • As the number of sessions increases, the cold in the uterus is gradually expelled, but the specific effects vary from person to person.
  • Generally speaking, you are advised to receive the Womb Revitalization Therapy more frequently at the beginning at about twice a week, then reduced to once or twice a month for maintenance according to your progress.
    3D treatment head
    OctiPolar Applicator
    Bladder Meridian point
    Targeted acupuncture points for womb revitalisation 

      the RESULTS

    • The main purpose of the Womb Revitalization Therapy is to detoxify, relieve back pain, and stimulate acupuncture points, thereby conditioning the uterus and relieving abdominal discomfort, minimizing coagulated blood, and keeping your limbs warm.
    • It effectively strengthens uterine function, thereby improving symptoms of the cold uterus syndrome, such as menstrual pain, blood clots, and cold hands and feet.
    • No downtime, no surgery, and no pain or discomfort.
    *Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.
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