Profhilo® is not just another hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable product available in the marketplace, it is based on advanced technology that engages with the body’s receptors and stimulates collagen growth via natural reactions. Profhilo® can flow hence distribute itself easily within the skin tissue after being locally placed by an injection. This results in a naturally volumized dermis with enhanced elasticity.

The CLINIC_profhilo
Product Origin: Italy 


  • Restoring Subcutaneous Tissue
  • Facial Remodelling
    • Cheekbone Enhancement, Zygomatic Protrusion
    • Redefinition of Mandibular Contour
    • Jawline, Chin
  • Tragus
  • Nasal Base
  • Neck Remodelling

    the SCIENCES

    • Stimulates the fibroblast cells, thereby increasing collagen and elastin production.

    • Activates the keratinocytes to increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

    • Preserves the viability of adipocytes hence improve the quality of adipose tissue.

    The CLINIC_profhilo_process

      the RESULTS

      Facial Remodeling and Cheekbone Enhancement
      Facial Remodelling and Cheekbone Enhancement

      The CLINIC_profhilo_bap face
      Bap (Bio Aesthetic Points) Face Treatment

      The CLINIC_profhilo_Restoring Subcutaneous
      Restoring Subcutaneous Tissue Disorders

      The CLINIC_profhilo_bap neck
      Bap (Bio Aesthetic Points) Neck Treatment

      Redefintion of Mandibular Contour and Neck Remodeling
      Redefinition of Mandibular Contour and Neck Remodelling

      The CLINIC_profhilo_inner arms
      Inner Arms

      The CLINIC_profhilo_hands

      the AFTERCARE

      • The treatment usually administered in 2-3 treatments sessions, given 4 weeks apart.
      • For optimal results, the treatment cycle can be performed twice a year.
      *Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.


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