More than half a million Hongkongers suffer from dry-eye syndrome, yet there is a lack of awareness and knowledge of treatment options, an expert from the University of Hong Kong says. Females are more concerned than males with symptoms increasing with age. It is recognised that a large majority of dry eye cases are caused by Meibomian Glands Dysfunction (MGD).
Introduced as one of the best French innovations at OMDA 2013 in Brisbane and SILMO 2013 Expo in Paris, the E-Eye Medical Grade IPL device is the first and only Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device in the world, specifically designed for the treatment of dry eye syndrome due to the Meibomian Glands Dysfunction (MDG). 


  • Insufficient moisture on the eye surface
  • Blurred vision, burning, itchiness and inflammation
  • Difficult to perform activities such as using a computer and reading for a prolonged time
  • Pain, scars on the cornea
  • Loss of vision
  • Many of those affected regularly use eye drops and gel.
  • Eyes sensitive to bright light
  • Wake up with mucus around your eyelids


Dry Eye condition is mainly due to a dysfunction of Meibomian Glands (MGD). These glands, located inside your bottom eye-lids, are responsible for the creation of a tear film that keeps the eyes moisturised. In an environment increasingly polluted and subject to artificial lights, eyes are regularly agressed and the Meibomian Glands over stimulated. Therefore, they may fail to create a tear film that is strong enough to protect eyes from drying up, leading to what is called Dry Eye Syndrome.




  • The skin is cleaned from any make-up or other cosmetics.
  • The CLINIC's eye care specialist adjusts the goggles on the patients’ eyes to protect them from the intense light generated by the device.
  • A conductive clear gel is applied on the skin for the skin protection and optimum results.
  • A series of 5 flashes are applied under the lower eyelid, from the external canthus to the internal canthus, using the nominal power.
  • A session only takes a few minutes and no needles or injections are required.

    the RESULTS 

    The benefits are multiple: It improves the comfort of wearing contact lenses, reliefs pain from watching computers and other screens, reduces redness of the eye, etc. The results are experienced immediately after the treatment and the effect is cumulative:

    • First session (Day 1): around one week relief
    • Second session (Day 15): around two weeks relief
    • Third session (Day 45): up to 18 months relief
    • A total of three sessions are recommended for optimum results. The third treatment being the trigger for long lasting efficiency. Additional sessions can be undertaken depending on patient needs.
    *Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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