EYE REVITAL | ABAS Eyes Treatment


ABAS Cryo-Electroporation is Transdermal Delivery System (TDS) combined with Cryo technology. Electroporation function enables to enhance penetration rate of hyaluronic acid serum, Mesoestetic Ampoules and other solution. Cooling probe can reduce the downtime and PIH risk and gives good results in skin brightening and tightening.


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  • Dark circles, eye bags
  • Fine lines
  • Dehydration skin
  • For those who need a soothing and pain relief after RF, IPL, Laser and minimizes erythema


  • Effective transdermal delivery of cosmetic substances help to penetration solution into skin deeply
  • Powerful Cryo effect combined with electroporation
  • Powerful cooling (-10 °C) & heating function with creation of electroporation
  • Activate the collagen layer of the skin and promote skin cell regeneration & promote lymph circulation
  • Versatile application on face and body treatment program enable to apply any kind of solution

    the PROCESS 

    ABAS dramatically increases skin permeability. The treatment is opening a door that allows us to insert products deeper into the skin and eye area. Depends on client's skin condition and needs, the CLINIC's experts will use a powerful essence, such as VITAMIN C, E, Hyaluronic acid, etc. Solutions are permeated into the skin at the frozen state without oxidization, using uniquely modulated pulsed electric current.

    The treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes and it feels like a warm gentle massage.

    the RESULTS

    • No downtime or discomfort
    • Subtract expression lines, light bitter grain
    • Remove skin yellowish, to edema
    • More hydration, firmer skin, less wrinkles, and a healthy youthful appearance.
    *Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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