Wiola is an international model, singer, actress, volunteer, catwalk teacher & brand promotor. She was born in Poland, in 2016 she got into the Medical University in Łódź and in 2017, she signed her first overseas contract with a model agency located in Taiwan. Since then, she travelled around the world for her modeling career. She works with Fashion TV as a TV host and manages events for Fashion TV in Hong Kong and Bangkok. Wiola recently recorded a Cantonese song with over 32,000 views, which you can see on her instagram @WiolaGaida.

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Apart from modeling for fashion brands, Wiola is a health ambassador of Eye Fund - with the mission of “Prevent, Cure and Eradicate Blindness”, conveying the right understanding of eye care and accurate eye information to the general public. She is also a part time English teachers for local kids. 


Photo Credit: @WiolaGaida
Having a hectic schedule filled with volunteering, castings and photo shoots, not to mentioned long haul flights, sleep and rest is constantly lacking for Wiola, which make her skin appear very dull and dry.
Photo Credit: @WiolaGaida


As a model, her skin always covers with thick layers of makeup, causing her skin to become very sensitive and the large pores are very visible even with makeup on. Therefore, when she heard about the CLINIC from her friends, and read through our service list online, and found the Spectra XT Laser Facial which suits her needs, and decided to turn to the CLINIC for some professional help.


Photo Credit: @WiolaGaida


During the complimentary consultation at the CLINIC, Wiola discussed her skin concerns with our experts who then recommended Spectra XT Laser Facial
Spectra XT uses lasers rejuvenate and invigorate the skin in order to reduce pore size, lessen the appearance of acne and scarring, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. 
In particular, its newly extended treatments, namely “Gold Toning” with 595 nm, “RuVY Touch” with 660 nm and “Revital Treatment” with 1064 nm quasi-long pulse (Max. 45 J / sec), offer more treatment choices to both doctors and patients, without the need to invest in additional devices separately.
The Spectra XT from Lutronic is a truly unique device, offering three different treatments and allowing practices and clinics to offer a wider variety of skin treatments . SPECTRA’s combination of high peak power and short pulse width delivers efficient destruction of the target pigment with minimal collateral thermal damage, meeting the criteria of selective photothermolysis.
The 595 nm and 585 nm are both effective wavelengths; but by penetrating the skin that little bit deeper the possibility of epidermal damage is lessened. The deeper wavelength has a lower absorption in melanin, and therefore minimises potential side effects like PIH.

Perfect for:
  • Larger pores
  • Acne and scarring
  • Facial flushing
  • Erythema post-treatment with laser
  • Post-acne erythema
  • Melasma concomitant with abnormal dermal vascular activity
660 nm is a safe and effective wavelength at which to remove epidermal pigmented lesions like freckles thanks to its lower absorption in melanin, oxyhaemoglobin, and deoxyhaemoglobin. The absorption properties of 660 allow blood vessels to remain intact after the carbon laser peel treatment, minimising the risk of inflammation and PIH.
  • Freckles
  • Other epidermal pigmented lesions
Large pores and wrinkles can be treated effectively with the high powered 1064 nm quasi-long pulse, which promotes good collagen remodelling. The handpiece is capable of delivering up to 45 J in one second.

"The CLINIC's SPECTRA XT Laser solves my skin problem such as large pores and dark spots. It leaves my skin tone a lot more even. With the CLINIC's convenient location in Causeway Bay and the professional service from the consultant, I'd like to recommend it to everyone!" - Wiola Gaida. 


To book your complimentary consultation with our experts, please contact the CLINIC today by calling: +852 2538 8868 or email: booking@theclinic.com.hk
*Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.
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