More than half a million Hongkongers suffer from dry-eye syndrome! Some common causes of dry eye include often wearing contact lenses, computer use, laser surgery and aging, etc. While dry eye can be temporary or chronic, untreated chronic dry eye can cause a variety of complications, ranging from double vision to infections, therefore related symptoms should not be overlooked.

Do you have dry eye syndrome?

Symptoms can include:

  • Grittiness
  • Red eyes
  • Eye strain
  • Blurred / fluctuating vision

E-Eye is an Intense Regulated Pulsed Light (IRPL) device, which specialises in treating dry eye syndrome caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MDG). The CLINIC has introduced this medical-grade instrument to not only relieve the main symptoms, but also revitalise your eyes.

Treatment benefits are multiple, including:

  • improves the comfort of wearing contact lenses;
  • relieves pain from watching computers and other screens; and
  • reduces redness of the eye, etc.

Is IPL effective in treating dry eye?

Numerous studies carried out in the last seven years have shown that IPL is beneficial for most patients with evaporative dry eye, the most common form of dry eye syndrome. 

In 2013, clinical trial carried out in France  reported on 80 patients with meibomian gland dysfunction (a common cause of dry eye), showing a 90% satisfaction rate after a series of three treatments carried out over 45 days. 

In 2014, Associate Professor Jennifer Craig at the University of Auckland conducted a clinical trial of IPL. 45 days after having three IPL treatments, patients' tear film became more stable, and 86% of the study participants reported reduced symptoms of dry eye.

 How does it work?
Step 1   Make-up and other cosmetics are removed from the skin.
Step 2   The CLINIC's therapist adjusts the goggles on the patients’ eyes to protect them from the intense light generated by the device.
Step 3   A conductive clear gel is applied on the skin for skin protection and optimum results.
Step 4   A series of 5 flashes are applied under the lower eyelid, from the external canthus to the internal canthus, using the nominal power.
Step 5   A session approximately takes 30 minutes and no needles or injections are required.


The results are experienced immediately after the treatment and the effect is cumulative:

  • First session (day 1): relief for around one week
  • Second session (day 15): relief for around two weeks
  • Third session (day 45): relief for up to 18 months
  • A total of three sessions are recommended for optimum results, with the third treatment being the trigger for long-lasting efficacy. Additional sessions can be undertaken depending on patient needs.
  1. Wellington Eye Centre 
  2. ESW-Vision
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(Fig.1-5 from ESW-Vision, https://www.esw-vision.com/tearstim)
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