Founder of the CLINIC won the “CAPITAL Entrepreneur Award 2017”

the CLINIC | 27th Jan, 2018

The "2017 Entrepreneur Nite" sponsored by Capital Entrepreneur Magazine was successfully held in Hong Kong. At the ceremony, Mr. Alan Lai, founder of the CLINIC, was awarded the "Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017", which proves the strong performance and the high growth potential of the CLINIC.

Selected by a panel of experts, the "Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year 2017" aims to commend entrepreneurs from various industries who contribute to the economic development of Hong Kong. At the ceremony, Alan Lai accepted the award and delivered his thank you speech.

Alan Lai Founder of the CLINIC

The award affirms the CLINIC’s effort in providing cutting-edge medical eye and skin treatments, combining advanced eye-rejuvenate technology and non-invasive cosmetic dermatology for every modern and stylish individual. Our goal to reestablish the youthful appearance through gradual procedures, according to the needs of the individual and the degree of improvement that is sought. 

As one of the leading medical beauty centres, the CLINIC had launched the first medically recognized “E>Eye: Intense Hydration for eyes” treatment; a bespoke ‘Cocktail’ custom-Ccrafted beauty experience program and an exclusive “#theMENseries" targeting at male clientele. These unique positioning and star treatments have already gained reputations from professionals, celebrities and key opinion leaders. the CLINIC’s unparalleled service and professional, non-salesy approach has further anchored the CLINIC as a premier medical beauty centre providing the latest eye, skin and contour solutions for every modern and stylish individual. 

The CLINIC is also dedicated to social responsibility, we aim to create a positive impact on the communities in which we work. Going forward, we will continue to support this commitment by collaborating and sponsoring charities and NGOs, as well as to continue to expand our global brand presence.