SKIN TIGHTENING | Botowhite Tightening Facial


'Botowhite Tightening Facial' is one of the CLINIC's signature anti-ageing treatments - This cutting edge therapy promises lifted, plumped, luxuriously youthful skin. The formulations with special massage technique leaves skin perfectly clean, brightened and nourished. Free from parabens, fragrance and colouring agents.

SKIN TIGHTENING | Botowhite Tightening Facial



 This treatment is suitable for those who has concerns / problems below:

    • Uneven skintone
    • Sallow skin
    • Dull skin / Fatigued skin
    • Swollen face
    • Sagging present on your face
    • The deep creases around nose and below the lower eyelids
    • Disappeared contour lines of the face

    the SCIENCE

    Blend with our special Sweden massage technique, Botowhite Tightening Facial helps to lift and tone facial muscles and neck area while improving skin elasticity; Long-term results includes contouring, wrinkles reduction and skin tightening for face and neck.

    • The collagen and elastin inside help restructure the fibroblast under your skin  as to tighten your skin.
    • Hyaluronic acid and Glycerin to moisturise your skin and help with wrinkles & fine lines reduction.
    • Ructose and glucose to create viscous effect and stimulate microcirculation under the skin.
    • Skin invigorates under antioxidation with the appearance of vitamin A and vitamin E.

    the PROCESS

    • Our registered doctors and medical therapists will first provide a detailed skin analysis, possible allowing us to quickly detect any needs of skincare.
    • Using specialise cleanse, our medical therapists will help you to erase excess grease and keep the natural moisture of the skin.
    • Adopting the Nanoliposome technique to deliver ingredient.
    • During the treatment, you will experience a Swedish massage together with the essence of Renlive skincare products.The treatment takes approximately 60 minutes and it feels like a gentle massage.
    • You will experience a deep-clean intensive care facial afterward. Your skin will be hydrated and tightened.


    the RESULTS

    The treatment delivers immediate visible results. Your skin will appear firmer and plumped, it helps to tighten your skin, reduce large pores and will leave your face glowing with radiance.


    *Note: As this is a medical procedure, results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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