Skin Texture | Rough & Dry Skin

The skin is the primary contact point between the body and the external environment. There are several causes for dry skin and home remedies for dry, rough skin:

  • The air in the room will become dryer with air conditioning on, as the moisture from the room is reduced.

  • Skin can become dryer as natural oils are reduced by steamy showers. Cleanse in cool water with quick showers as opposed to hot baths.

  • Choose your soaps and cleansers wisely, use mild products. Moisturizing fragrance-free soap should be utilized for cleansing mildly.

  • Too much friction will promote dryness and deteriorate the skin. When washing, be gentle and only utilize a soft cloth or even just your hands.

  • Towels after a shower will remove a lot of the moisture from your skin. To create a moisture seal on your skin, after shower leave some moisture on your skin, and use a good quality lotion to moisturize it.

  • As part of the aging process, hormone levels change and the skin becomes thin and parched.

Treatment recommendations for rough & dry skin: 

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