OTHERS | Skin & Soul Revitalizing Therapy


Living in the city produces stresses. Stress is an every fact of life that we must all deal with. It comes in all shapes and sizes; even our thoughts can cause us stress and make the human body more susceptible to illness. 

Introducing this 'Skin and Soul Revitalizing Treatment', the Clinic has blended ancient sound therapy with our unique treatment skills. Not only revive your skin and body, but also your mind and soul can rest deeply and feel recharged.



Turning Fork therapy, is one of the most popular sound therapies in foreign countries, it incorporates Eastern Meridians and Chinese Acupoint Massage targeting at the common skin and metabolism problems of modern women. 


Using the turning fork Otto128 and DNA528: 
 It activates 'qi' and blood (in the sense of increasing its activity);
Dredges the channels (in the sense of removing external pathogens like cold and damp). In the process, physical vibration through sound waves can relax skin pores and enhance blood flow. 


In short term, it enhances your blood circulation and revitalizes your skin. In long term, it balances your brainwave and 'jin luo' (energy channel) and increases your metabolism of skin and body. Most importantly, it brings out the best posture of you, as if you have never been bothered by hectic lifestyles. 


First Time Customer: HK$800 | Original Price at HK$2500

*Note: Results & outcomes are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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