Other Aesthetic Issues | Rosacea

Rosacea is a condition that mostly affects the skin of the face - usually in the area where people blush. There are a number of symptoms, ranging from mild to more severe:

This can look like nothing more than a blush or a sunburn. It's caused by flushing (when a large amount of blood rushes to the blood vessels just under the skin, and the vessels expand to handle the flow). Over time, the redness does not go away.

As a result of continual flushing, the skin eventually becomes inflamed. Pimples may appear on the face. These pimples may be papules (small, red, and solic) or pustules (pus-filled, like some acne).

Broken or enlarged blood vessels:
Doctors call this telangiectasia. When people with rosacea flush, the small blood vessels of the face get larger. Eventually, they show through the skin. They may appear as spots or as thin, wavy lines.

Enlarged, bumpy nose:
This condition is called rhinophyma. It is present in the more advanced stages of rosacea, especially in men. When rosacea isn't treated early, small, knobby bumps may gradually appear on the nose, giving it a swollen appearance.

Treatment recommendations for rosacea

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